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*The birth of The Black Tulips*


Exhilarating, haunting, crushing.

We have just witnessed the birth of The Black Tulips and - well, we're biased - but we wanted to share it with you.

We are at the end of Hastings Pier in what must be the first festival of the season. The stalls are doing roaring trade and the bars are serving highly necessary warming brandy. A pleasant band has just finished its set; people are socializing.

Then an antique chair appears on stage, followed by an intensely glamorous woman in the most amazing coat, and a vase with purple flowers.

A brown-coated guitarist starts setting up his amp; meticulously he checks every knob on his effects unit. He strikes a chord, deafening a nearby sound man. They are ready.

"Chnk chnk chnk chnk"; a deadened, tense guitar intro opens the set. The woman, Alexandra Benedict, opens her mouth and: the most incredible sound we have heard live issues forth.

You watch, astonished, as the verse builds. The storm breaks for a bridge; then the ultra-heavy chorus smashes in and you suddenly realize it's just them - how can they be making that big a sound?

Most bands fade as the set progresses. But as this band goes on your jaw drops lower and lower. Alexandra is Bowie, Morrissey and Love if they were made one woman. Through the searing, ear-bleeding guitar sound you can hear they have incredible songs. "Am I inside the mind of a Criminal Mastermind?"

Parents look aghast, worried about shielding their children from the palpable anger pulsing from the stage; the kids, however, are entranced. They do a slow one and the intensity just increases, as Alexandra switches from pacing the stage to sitting in the chair; then back to raucous, unbridled energy.

She heralds funeral march Bring Out Your Dead with "ladies and gentlemen, it is my sad duty to inform you that Blest is dead." Apparently this is Blest's final gig. But then a scream of "long live the Black Tulips!" and as they close with the stompalong Just Keep Coming she arcs back, impossibly balanced despite huge heels, and rips through the speakers. Exhilarating, haunting, crushing.

And so The Black Tulips are born: mesmerising anger, lyrical wit and songs that lurk in the lobes like a whispering Moriarty. This band really could change your life.

The Black Tulips play the Dublin Castle, Camden this Thursday (17 March). They release their first single, Criminal Mastermind, through PinPrick very soon.

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Cabaret electronic rock garage italo disco glam electro.


PinPrick is absolutely delighted to present:


The Black Tulips
The Uterus Women
The Teeth
Cyberdance: laptop set and DJs
Heidi Heelz
The Future Sound Of Clapton
The Gays (PA)

...and maybe more...

The PinPrick Records Quarterly
The Pleasure Unit Bar
359 Bethnal Green Road, London E2

Friday 8 April, 2005

£5 or
with lo-res/hi-res flyer/in advance or
£3 in outrageous attire



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*Oh bugger.../genius!#2: late Fire?*


Spunky buggery balls - we don't know our arse from our elbow. But genius - some people who do like our forthcoming release!

Bugger #2: Oh damn graphic design and 'colour separation.' Apparently we fucked up on designing the labels for Fire To Feed so it's touch and go whether it'll be out on March 21... but rest assured those of you who have already ordered your copy will get it before anyone else.

BUT! genius on three 'media' fronts, namely Fluxblog, Gutterbreakz and James Thornhill of the National Student writing on Fire To Feed and the Waster electro remix 2. You what? This what.

And Nick Gutterbreakz's full commentary brought a smile to our faces.

Get more information and order here.

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*Oh bugger.../genius!#1: The Black Tulips*


Bugger a cloudy Blest/The Black Tulips conundrum front. Genius thanks to the silver lining!

Bugger #1: Just as we're about ready to go with the first in our fantastic series of 6 Blest 7"s, the buggers have done what we believe is called a 'volte-face' and announced that they are killing Blest live on stage this Saturday.

BUT! genius on this front: they are to re-emerge as The Black Tulips, with an amazing new stage act involving a red armchair, a huge new sound and - just possibly - one or two new members. HIGHLY EXCITING.

So instead of the We The Lonely Ones 7" on March 21 you can, and should, be looking forward to the incredible Criminal Mastermind b/w another fantastic remix. As soon as we can people!

Also we urge you to catch the amazing Black Tulips stage show for the first time at the Dublin Castle on St Patrick's Day (next Thursday, 17 March).

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*6 Blest 7"s*


In a grand sweeping barely breaking even gesture, we have decided to release 6 Blest 7"s.

Each single will come as a highly limited edition with packaging by the band.

First will be We The Lonely Ones in March: "hypnotic anthem for doomed youth, a call to kohl for the disaffected."

For more info: and




*Gays on vinyl*


Say it to the tune of a well-known Duran Duran song.

The Gays' Fire To Feed will be our first vinyl release proper. Available in March on very limited 7".

For more info:




*Thumper on vinyl and download*


Not known for our great sense, we have pressed up 10 copies of Thumper's Breathe (parts i-iii) just to see how the process of getting vinyl made works.

Obviously we have given most of them away but we still have 2. If you want to order one, doubtless it will be worth millions in 2047.

For information and to buy go here.

As it's such a long tune we have got a Waster edit of it, which we are sticking up here for you at no cost (go to the link above).

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*The PinPrick Genre Blender is here*


At PinPrick HQ we view it as our duty to sit around thinking up new subgenres.

Check out our Genre Blender guide to how to categorise PinPrick artists - funny for at least five seconds and a godsend to journalists everywhere.

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*PinPrick online exclusive - J8*


We've got some J8 tunes and we're going totally over them. Selectah!

Check the crazy dubstep/Tamperer style mashup J8 Theme - it's on free download for one week only.


Get the information here and if you like it enough to want to pay you can elect your own price.

For more info:






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The birth of the Black Tulips
Oh bugger/genius!#2: late Fire?
Oh bugger/genius!#1: The Black Tulips
6 Blest 7"s
Gays on vinyl
Thumper on vinyl and download
The PinPrick Genre Blender is here
PinPrick online exclusive - J8

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