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*PinPrick online exclusive - Waster*


Oh my gosh - hot fuckbeat track available as a highly limited download from today!

Top tune alert - Beat To Fuck has been around on the CD decks of our closest friends for a few months now.

Fittingly, it's the tune that invented fuckbeat - but because of a dodgy sample or two it'll probably never see the light of day commercially.

Download the MP3 TODAY OR IN THE NEXT 7 DAYS ONLY - it's coming down on December 28.

Get the information here and if you like it enough you can donate a fair payment.

For more info:




*new PinPrick release from The Gays*


We garage rock smash Fire To Feed so much... but we Waster's acid break mayhem "electro remix" even more, oh boy!

The Gays' Fire To Feed is 1 minute 47 of pure garage energy.

Waster's electro remix 2 is 7 minutes 28 of hot fuckbeat action! THIS IS THE NEW STYLE.

Very limited CD-R - get information and buy here.

For more info:




*PinPrick lives!*


PinPrick lives officially, emergently, thrusting and superior, in web form today.

Some tiny PinPrick releases have already tickled you. From today we get bigger and better.

PinPrick has now scheduled a full programme of releases across formats. Treasure your tapes and silver CD-Rs, and add to them MP3s, 7"s, 10"s and 12"s, devilish limited CD-R singles and double albums.

We will put out our first (very very limited hand numbered) vinyl in March next year. For more info:













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PinPrick online exclusive - Waster
new PinPrick release from The Gays
PinPrick lives!

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