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Breathe (pts i-iii).


Released on: 12", PinPrick Folk Festival.

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The sound of someone unbound by genre.

The full fifteen minutes opens with Terry Lee Brown Junior style sweet techno soul for late night listening and raving - the sound of vocoded hedgehog prickles opens out to comfort the 4am massive.

Then - BAAMM - suddenly you're in driving trance bassline territory - the prickles give way to rushing white noise and the big breakdown starts. Hold tight!

But don't drop your glowstick, we're slowing down... what's that, a funky clavinet line?? What am I, some kind of CompostJazzanovaHancockhead?

Is that a GUITAR SOLO???

Get outta here.

Unashamedly retro yet somehow all the more charming for it.


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Breathe (pts i-iii)

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Breathe (parts i-iii)

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