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The Gays
Fire To Feed.

Released on:
limited 7" (original + Waster electro remix 2),
limited CD-R (original + Waster electro remix 2),
PinPrick Folk Festival (original [some editions], Waster electro remix 2).

Listen/download samples: original; Waster electro remix 2

1 minute 47 seconds of top garage rock, backed with a BOSTING fuckbeat remix.

Bof! Riding in on angry steed, Fire To Feed articulates a pungent disgust with all who lurk in the shadows of clubs, waiting until the gig is finished, in the hope of fruitless sex with a star. We're not going to say it's premature, but at 1 minute 47 it's all over far too quickly.

Fresh from the beat room comes lord of the fuckbeat WASTER and from his loins a squished up mashed up bastard frenzy rerub of the garage rock original. How to describe? KITCHENSINKAMUNGOUS!

Check this 'detailed PinPrick analysis':

Threatening downpitched vocal
Funky ass electro beats
Heavy sub bass
Trance trousers swirlysynth
Breakbeat shouty breakdown
Sounds a bit like Kelis' Milkshake

Come on my selector. !!



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