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Tandoori Bouncer
Oven Made.


Released on: Maiden Over EP.

Oven Made is the lead track on the Maiden Over EP, and justly so.

"Somewhere in the holes between what you think is happening and what actually is (very little), if you let it in - if you quell your shame - this is profoundly meaningful noise."

Forward/backward resonant atoms of a smashed pop recording loop against one another arhythmically/rhythmically, crunching together until they flip the switch from 4/4 to 6/8. As you find the groove it fades, growing instead the biggest most humungous horn you've ever heard. Everything is drowned out, the damn horn is coming from inside your head, it's making you dizzy and sick and just as you give yourself up to the monotony it modulates, squealing out of control in cat/dogwhistle ecstasy.

As you hit the saturated glam rock techno groove coming back in, the clashing rhythms have somehow found each other's funk spaces and you lock on. There's no alternative.

Due a repress on CD/vinyl in 2005.



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