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Telephone Music.


Released (both original and Weenis remix 8) on: PinPrick Folk Festival, PinPrick PROMO sampler

Listen/download exclusive Weenis remix 2

The mighty FOOT. Kum By Yah.

In Telephone Music, a beautiful guitar line washes over and cocoons the listener while real double bass and a slow watery breakbeat make intense love to the ear.

Sadly, the mood is shattered when some nob comes in and starts shouting like he works for ASDA. Fucking bees! Fucking bees! (at least wait for this bit)

As for the remix:

Weenis is a fuck up individual who destroy the ambient beauty of the track and bof it into 3/4 time rave. Then he make dis massif distorted horn sound that drive me crazy.

This is too good to leave languishing on CD - we'll put it out on dead limited vinyl very soon.





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