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The Gays: Fire To Feed
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Last week did bring forth one historic event, in that I received my first unsolicited promo CD thatís actually worth listening to! Oh wondrous world in which we live! Itís by the excellently named The Gays, and itís a single called ĎFire to Feedí on Pinprick Records. The A-side is a fine stab at home-made cock-rock minimalism, featuring a shrieked vocal thatís Eighties Matchbox.. nutty rather than Darkness shitty and percussion that sounds like itís being played on a leather jacket by one of those robots that builds cars. The B-side is the real treat though Ė a joyously mentalist remix by somebody called Waster that daringly mixes irresistible floor-filling techno with distinctly floor-emptying mutations of the aforementioned vocal. If I had a disco, Iíd be sure to play this frequently, just to keep Ďem on their toes. The whole thing has a certain wild-eyed hedonistic kind of vibe to it too, which I like.

"A superbly, ridiculous 7" that I picked up from Rough Trade the other day. It's limited to 200 copies and has a reaction on the front from a student called James Thornhill which simply reads "well mental", which I guess is pretty accurate. The Waster Electro mix on the flip is basically Goth meets Acid in a Slimelight fist fight."

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"New band brilliance ahoy, sailors...
"04 May 2005

"SO! This morning PlayLouder got a load of gubbins from a Hastings-based label called Pinprick Records, and it included a single by a band called The Gays, called 'Fire To Feed'. Up your BUM!

"Why has there been no-one called The Gays before? 'Tis a brilliant moniker is it not? And 'Fire To Feed' is every bit as louche and rammed with well, gay abandon as you might expect.

"'Fire To Feed' has guitars that sound like electroshock to the intimates, vocals that echo with rapscallion rock & roll suggestiveness before they bust into righteous yelping, like something very odd happening on a farm.

"It's even more sordid on the B-side, a murmuring dungeon of an electro remix by a chap called Waster. According to Pinprick's helpful 'Information Sheet', The Gays 'Fire To Feed' is limited to but 200 numbered copies of 7" vinyl.

"You can hear a sample of its wondrousness here, and get all the purchasing informations too.

"It's even better than that band called Lick who had a song called 'Shirtlifter' - TALK!"

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"(WASTER electro remix 2) - I'm generally not that fond of downpitched vocals outside of "screwed" rap records, but the trick works on this song. The vocals sound both woozy and wild, which is a good match for the track, which feels like a halfway point between goth and acid. The synth washes at the end as especially great, as is the sudden return of the vocals after the fake-out ending."

James Thornhill,
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"it's well mental, but it grew on me like a fungus"
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"When I first eagerly slipped the disc into the player, the jagged, scuzzy Garage Rock noise that started blasting out of my speakers was kinda fun, but my heart was sinking cos I figured this was another example of people sending me stuff that, if they'd actually read my blog, would know isn't the sort of thing I write about here. There's plenty of good music out there that I deliberately avoid due to it's unsuitability to the Gutterbreakz vibe, but I hate not writing about something when the creators have gone to the trouble and expense of sending me their work.

"Luckily, track 2 is a radical remix that is definitely back in the Gutter orbit. 'Lord Of The Fuckbeat' Waster gives us the "Electro remix 2", which strips away all the original backing music and recontextualises the deranged vocal within a modernist structure of electro beats, bad-tempered synth pulses and, as the track develops, a heavy dose of breakbeat action in the old Hip Hop tradition just the way I like it - phat 'n' dirty!

"This odd juxtaposition of approaches would appear to be the very essence of what Pin Prick are all about, as stated in the press release manifesto:

"Hello, beautiful music.

"We love music that is alive, that makes us laugh, that astonishes us, moves us, takes us away.

"We don't know anyone who only loves rock or only loves hip hop or only loves trance. People we have met like this have turned out to be knobheads.

"We believe in mistakes, strange timing, the odd bum note, surface noise and the ghost in the machine.

"There's further evidence of this genre-hopping approach at their well-constructed website, where you can hear clips of various acts that Pin Prick have taken under their wing, with a particular slant towards bringing 'traditional' indie/rock groups together with electronic/remix producers.

"I also really like the DIY cottage industry mentality - a quick glance through their catalogue reveals that most of Pin Prick's 'releases' to date have been cd-r only, or 12" test pressings limited to ten copies!! They're really only a slight step-up from Whatever Records, the pet cd-r label that me and my mate Aaron bugger about with occasionally. On that basis, the fact that 200 copies of "Fire To Feed" are being released as a limited hand-numbered 7" on 21st March would appear to be a gigantic financial leap for this label. Best of luck, my friends!"

"Raucous shouty punk on the A, a deep, trippy electro version on the B. Very nice."
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"first release on the pin prick label comes from the gays where fire to feed comes on in a lo-fi seventies cramps kind of way while the flip is an electro remix of waster that they describe as "goth-acid". onlt 200 copies of this baby."

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"One side of jagged garage rock noise and one side of electro beats, synth pulses and skewed breakbeats make this debut commercial release from The Gays look quite promising."

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